Monday, May 18, 2020

Horde Leveling for an Alliance Player

Kantoor posing with Dolly and Dot

Belghast recently posted about how he became a World of Warcraft (WoW) Horde player.  That certainly hasn't happened to me.  Until two weeks ago I had 5 characters above level 110 (the level for the current expansion), all Alliance.  However the combination of the new Allied races and an expansion, Battle for Azeroth (BfA), that is very different for Horde and Alliance, helped me decided to use one of my character boosts to create a Tauren Hunter, Kantoor.

I'm with Bhagpuss in liking to play animal races if they are available.  The only original ones in World of Warcraft had been the Tauren Bovine race.  The Pandarians were added in Mists of Pandaria and with BfA Blizzard introduced the Vulpera as an allied race.  I also like dwarfs and since the guild I decided to join was alliance, it was easy for me to pick a dwarf for my main.  My primary motivation for creating the Horde character was that I had unlocked the Nightholde race through a long interesting quest-line, and it would be good to see the transition quest that allows you to create the character of that race.  I enjoyed the one for the Dark Iron Dwarves.  However, right behind was the ability to create characters that look like foxes.

So right after my struggles with the introductory scenario, I immediately chose Voldun for questing sincee I knew that was where you received reputation for the Vulpera.  I had also heard about Dolly and Dot so it was a bonus they got to accompany on my quests.  Generally, as a Hunter, the quests have gone quick without any difficulty.  It is interesting that all the quests seem to focus on the native trolls, the Vulpera or the Sethrak (a snake-race) and there is almost nothing about the Horde.

There were several threads and I tried to do most of the side quests since many would get me more Vulpera reputation.  Honestly, I couldn't follow it all. By the time I finished the questline (Secrets in the Sands) I was level 118 and revered with the Voldunai.  In order to do the world quests which will get me to exalted so I can create an Vulpera,  I need to be friendly with the other two zone reputations.  I was able to get to friendly on the Zandalari Empire so I only have one reputation remaining.

Hopefully next week I can get to 120 while getting to friendly with Talanji's Expedition.  If needed I'll do some of the war campaign to finish up leveling.  At that point I'll probably just do World Quests in Voldun to get to exalted.  It won't be a rush, just a few every few days and making sure I get any Voldunai Emissary quests for the additional reputation until I get to exalted.  The reputation bonus ends tomorrow so I won't have that advantage but I'm not in a rush.

Maybe I'll do the Nightborne Allied race quest or maybe that will wait until after I can create a Vulpera.  I still have a few quests I'm finishing up in Legion on Kanter and I have two characters I might want to get to level 120.  Certainly enough to get another month of subscription but it'll be doubtful next month.

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