Saturday, May 9, 2020

Blapril 2020 - What I learned

Blapril 2020

This is last week of Blapril so I wanted to write a post about what I learned by writing for these 6 weeks.
  • I am grateful to Belghast for sponsoring a celebration of blogging.  It provides me and others an incentive to write and I have enjoyed participating and I know others have as well!
  • I can write on a pattern of two to three posts a week with my current schedule.  I made a goal of 15 posts for that reason and it worked for me.  The flexibility not to be left out because I didn't want to post every day was helpful.
  • I can write a blog with this pattern IF I'm playing an MMO.  I think the combination of the narrative with the variation of how people play is interesting and makes me think about methods of playing a game.  Other games may prompt one or two posts but I can keep a narrative with an MMO and intersperse other posts around it.
  • I learned this before this Blapril, but I think it's worth mentioning that as of now the only MMO I can play successfully for more than a few sessions is World of Warcraft (WoW).  I believe it is because there is a significant amount of time required early in an MMO and I'm not inclined to spend that much time on a new game now.  Maybe it will happen, but it hasn't in fifteen years since WoW came out.
  • There is a great community on the Blaugust Discord.  Thanks for everyone who participated there.  My participation was mainly limited to the Civilisation Succession game (shout out to Naithin) but I enjoyed reading others both on the discord and on their blogs.
  • I enjoy playing World of Warcraft more later after an expansion is released rather than early on.  Knowing that there is plenty of stuff to do solo helps me feel comfortable playing the game the way I want to play it.
  • I can play Horde in WoW.  I was always reluctant because of the potential time it will take but with the difference in the story, bonuses for experience and reputation and the allied races I have enough incentive to give it a real try.
  • I may want to play WoW Classic when Shadowlands comes out.  I was thinking it's likely I'll stop blogging when I stop playing WoW but it might be a good time to go back to WoW Classic.
Blapril post #17 and last for Blapril but hopefully not for long!

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