Monday, July 18, 2016

June Gaming - Defender's Quest

Variation on the Tower Defender Theme

I'm still playing World of Warcraft but don't have any goals I'm really working towards (though I did finish the quests in Bloodmyst Isle thanks to my daughter's leveling a toon there with me).  I might level one or both of my level 95 toons to 100 or I might finish the Legendary quest on Kanter or, more likely, I won't bother with either.  Partially because of that, I thought it was reasonable to purchase some games on my wish list when they were on sale.  

The four I purchased from Steam for less than $20 all together were:

The last three were during the Steam Summer Sale, but Defender's Quest went on sale earlier in June.  Yes, they are all older games, but I feeling really good about the first two that I have played so far and the variety in the four.

In addition, I did a 'competition' to win a week's trial of Black Desert Online and that came through last month as well, so I'm looking forward to trying it with my daughters later this summer.  Even though I'm not posting much, I'll figure I'll cover each of these in their own post.  First up is Defender's Quest.

Defender's Quest is a pretty typically Tower Defense game with a few twists.  The 'towers' are actually your typically fantasy characters (Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Dragon) and they have an odd plot point to justify the fact that they can't move.  There is also a plot of moving along a path and as you advance down the path by winning levels you learn more of the plot.

If you don't like Tower Defense, the plot won't make the game worth while, but since I enjoy the gameplay, the plot is enough to keep me motivated to keep playing.  I have been playing Plants vs Zombies on my Kindle Fire for years now, just watering my garden and playing Survival Endless (coming up on 10,000,000 gold), so I don't need that much motivation as long as the gameplay is fun.

The game is forgiving in that when you lose, you don't lose anything but don't gain much either.  You can go back and play previous levels and by playing at higher difficulty you can get better rewards.  There are also towns you can visit where you can get weapons and/or armor for your 'towers' and buy new 'towers.'

I'm a little less than half way through the 32 levels and there is some replay value with higher difficulty and bonus levels available once you complete the game.  If you like tower defense games, I'd definitely recommend it.  I paid $7.50 for the game but it's generally available for $15 on Steam.  There is a sequel (with unrelated plot in the works) and they recently upgraded the graphics on the game so it's definitely still supported even though it came out almost 4 years ago.