Monday, November 14, 2016

October Gaming: Return to Civilization

Carthage spreads up the coast
Something other than World of Warcraft this month (though we'll get to that, too).  About a week ago my daughter decided she wanted to play Civilization V and asked if I'd join her.  A while ago she saw me playing it and thought she'd like to as well so (for her birthday in March?) I bought her a copy with all the expansions on a Steam sale.  She played it some but not much but I was glad when she wanted to play it last week.  I played a lot of Civilization 1 and 2 but never played as much of the more recent versions (I guess Civ 3 at 15 years old isn't very recent).  

The picture above was from our first game where she chose a Huge map.  At this point I just found her civilization (you can see my boat path to her on the minimap) but she wanted to start again.  This time we chose a Standard map and we are on the same team so we can see each other's cities from the beginning.  I hope we get to play more because I would like to take the time to learn the game better.  It's odd finally posting about Civilization V when VI came out last week, but I think seeing the Civ VI posts has added some additional motivation to finally learn Civ V.

Since my last post I did get to level 102 on my priest, went through the quest to get her second (Holy) artifact weapon, brought my warrior to Legion so her could mine some for her Jewelcrafting quest and promptly stopped playing her.

My focus has been on using the World quests to build my reputations for the Pathfinder achievement that will allow flying in 7.2.  I just recently reached Revered on all the required groups except the Wardens so at this point I'm focusing only on the Warden and Suramar World quests which may give me time to work on my priest again.

I am still enjoying the Suramar quest chains (another Pathfinder requirement) though the reputation requirements are slowing it down.  I did complete all the quests that don't require you to be revered and with the next set of Suramar World Quests I'll be ready for the next quest chain which will just leave one remained (that requires you to be of Exalted reputation).

I did get up the nerve to do two more Heroic (LF) Dungeon groups on Kanter, my main hunter.  I am somewhat ashamed to say that after the second group where I ended up dismissing my pet, I finally determined that they removed the 'Growl' (Taunt) ability from the pet bar so you can't easily turn it on and off like you could before Legion.  I now looked it up and added it back so at least I won't have that embarrassment next time.  These dungeons runs both completed quests I had and allowed me to learn recipes for my Alchemy profession.  I don't like how they are requiring group play for Professions that have always been something that you could work on solo, but I'll probably get them done eventually.  At least the Pathfinder achievements are all ones you can do alone.

Gaming has been a welcome reprieve from the US Presidential election results.  My daughter (the one playing Civilization with me) was very upset and possibly she is using it the same way.  Sometimes it is helpful to have something where you can control the outcome.  Working on my priest and my hunter and, hopefully, playing some Civilization with my daughter will give me plenty of goals to work on in the months ahead and we'll have to wait and see what a Trump presidency will bring us.