Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Shadowlands 9.0 Night Fae Renown and Torghast Questlines Complete


No get-up is complete without matching mount (Runestag)

There was recently a new Blizzard post about how Flying in Shadowlands will mainly require Renown and Covenant Campaign completion.  As a very casual player, I've already done all I can in 9.0 since I have now reached maxed Renown (40) and already completed the existing questline as of my last post.

Oddly, this is sort of disincentivizing play since I've done most of what I'd really like to do on Kanter and, if I wait, I'll be able to get flight to make leveling my alts easier.  I have stuff I have been accumulating, but I don't really care about most of it since gear isn't a big deal.  I have Soul Ash for a legendary, I have Stigia for Ve'nari, I have Grateful Offerings for ... I'm not sure what it's for, I have Spirit's for the Queen's Conservatory, and I have Anima improving my Sanctum among other things.  I don't have any goals I particularly want to pursue at this point, though I am interested in what will come with 9.1.

I did complete the Torghast questline and recovered Baine, Jaina, and Thrall from the Maw and was motivated to see them back.  I learned there are a couple more quests but they are locked behind the Castle Natria raid and I'm not sure I want to do group content.  There is also a spirit for the Queen's Conservatory behind a dungeon.  Maybe I'll feel up to it at some point but I don't really like forced group content.  I was able to join some groups for some world quests and those were without drama.

I'll keep playing for a bit and certainly come back for 9.1 but I'm not sure if I'll stay with trying to build some Anima for my Sanctum but I don't have anything I really want there.  I am interested in seeing the other Covenant quest lines, but, as stated above, wonder if it would be better to wait until I've unlocked flying.

I've enjoyed my time but, if starting 4 months late, I already feel a lack of motivation, I can understand why people are saying there isn't enough compelling content in this expansion so far.  It'll be interesting to see how soon they release 9.1.  They may want to give some time for people to be less involved with Burning Crusade Classic, something I don't care about at all.