Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Being an MMO Spectator

If you haven't noticed, it's a busy time in the MMO world(s).  Guild Wars 2 has just been released, World of Warcraft just released it's pre-expansion patch, the Lord of the Rings Online expansion would be just around the corner except that it was delayed, and what am I doing?


Well, not quite nothing.  I am desperately trying to stay afloat on the blogs I read.  I have actually played a little Lord of the Rings Online and even spent $10 on the Mithril edition that was on sale and is now the new normal price at Gamestop (more on that later), but I've played very little and, if anyone is still reading, they know I haven't been posting.  And how am I handling this?

I'm doing fine.

I've always liked being a spectator.  There is a song by Mazzy Star I've loved for years, Blue Flower, and until recently I didn't understand why I loved it (other than the fact that it is incredibly cool).  The chorus is:
Superstar in your own private movie
I wanted just a minor part
But I'm no fool
I know you're cool
I never really wanted your heart
I've certainly never thought of myself as a Superstar.  But, of course, the point of view isn't from the Superstar, but from someone participating in their movie.  I guess we all do that and play both roles, but so many people want to be the center of attention.  I remember hearing a speech a high school girl made where she included the line 'Of course, everybody wants to be famous.'  I'm sure she'll realize eventually that's not true, but it is the reality of so many people's lives and the reality media of today certainly plays to that desire.  I've always been much more comfortable with the minor part.

So this is a good time to be a MMO Spectator.  I'm happy people are enjoying 'The Secret World' and 'Guild Wars 2' and excited that 'Mists of Pandaria' and 'Riders of Rohan' are coming soon, but, right now, I'm not there.  But I am excited that they are excited.  I love reading what they have to say and, if I ever catch up, I might even make a comment on some of them.

My minister said something wise to me a few months ago, generally that he understands that people are in different parts of their life and may not be able to offer as much depending on where they are.  I'm a spectator and I feel fine.  And hopefully, every once in a while, I'll have something to say about it.  I might even be able to play one night a week and have something to say about that, too.