Monday, October 17, 2016

September Gaming: Class Hall done and back to Alts

Raising my upgraded gun in triumph (or relief)
Since I just got to a pretty good transition place in World of Warcraft, I'd like to record where I am and how I got there.

A couple of weeks ago (when I started this post) I reached ILvl 810 with Kanter which let me start participating in Heroic dungeons with the LFD tool. 

My primary desire to get to Heroic was to do the Heroic dungeon I needed to finish the Class Hall quest line and upgrade my gun (see above).   I tried to ask in my guild for some groups without luck so I just went with LFD for them. The completion of the quest line adds another socket to the gun so it is a significant increase (went from 817 to 842 if I remember correctly and increased my iLvl almost immediately to 820).  I'd estimate there were 6-8 quests just for the last set of quests and then you go fight Hakkar in a scenario.  The quests involved completing 30 world quests, some various quests and one Dungeon (Darkheart Thicket).  For the the scenario, In Defense of Dalaran, once I died and learned I had to use the interrupt on the pets, I didn't have any issues.  It was odd that Hakkar was easier than his pets, but I'm sure I'd be an easy kill without mine, too. 

Now that that is done, I've started working on my other toons starting with my priest, Kantra.  I like the different class quests, something that was never consistent in the original game or any of the expansions.  However, I still have quite a few things I'd like to accomplish with Kanter, eventually earning the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement.  That achievement (like the Draenor one before) has 5 pieces:  Questing (I did these in order for each zone with just Suramar left (see below), Exploration (which I'm almost done with since it pretty much happens as you quest), the Class Hall Campaign (completed, see above), 6 Revered factions which I plan on doing with World quests, and 100 different World quests (which will hopefully happen when I reach Revered because I don't want to have to figure out which I haven't done).

World Quests will be a big part of this and I'm still enjoying them.  Everyday one of the factions has a quest to complete four World Quests and you have three days to complete it (so up to 3 are active at a time).  Completing 2-4 World Quests a day gives me most of these which gives me both a faction bonus and a chest that contains a piece of armor.  I'm not doing them everyday on Kanter, but there pretty easy now that my iLvl is higher and so are pretty painless.

I still have to complete Suramar line of quests which is much longer than the others and requires you to reach Exalted to complete it.  I'm down to two quest lines that don't require extra reputation and three that do, so it should be pretty painless to mix it in with the World quests for Suramar if I get stuck on reputation.

There is also the Illidan line of quests that I'll eventually get back to.  I'm not sure how much it is needed, but I like hearing the lore.  They give a history of Illidan which hopefully justifies his migration from prime villain in Burning Crusade to savior in Legion.

Finally I want to keep getting better at my Professions.  I did one dungeon for Alchemy so far but another on tap for getting the next recipe.  I don't like this method of putting recipes behind dungeons, but I'm hoping it won't be too many.  I periodically bring extra cooking ingredients to Nomi but I already have a pretty good variety of recipes (just not a lot of extra ingredients).  Fishing will come next and Archaeology after that, but I will probably wait to get some of my other characters advanced before I do that.

Right now getting my priest to level 102 or 103 so I can advance the class hall and get the second artifact weapon.  After that I'll probably advance my Warrior to see his class hall and have a miner.  People have said that this isn't a very alt friendly expansion, but I'm glad I have so much to do and I am looking forwarding to seeing at least four of the class halls and hopefully more over before the next expansion comes out.