Monday, August 23, 2021

Blizzard, Supporting Victims and World of Warcraft


Blizzard has a lot to answer for.

I haven't posted for about six weeks now.  Some of that has to do with a two week vacation I came back from last week but a lot of it has to do with this post.  First, let me say I believe Blizzard Entertainment has to change today, that I support the victims, many currently still working for the company and that nothing that has been done by Blizzard up to this point shows that they have made the changes required as a company.  As someone in management, I am always very aware of the need I have to support those who work for me and make sure I can do everything I can to prevent any perception of improper activities either by myself or by others.  As a white male in IT I understand that there is extra responsibility to encourage diversity and listen to those who may have a different view.

I believe Blizzard Watch did a good job of summarizing what we know and supporting employees who are trying to hold their employer accountable for the required changes.  Yes, this is an old post and more has come out and I believe Blizzard Watch has done a good job keeping up with the news in a way that says the company has to change but that doesn't support totally abandoning the games and the good people who develop them.

Finally, I am still playing World of Warcraft.  I know for many people they had to stop playing Blizzard games based on the news that came out and I understand and support the decision for them.  For me, as a casual player who has tried other MMOs without success, I am going to keep playing World of Warcraft until my next natural break.  It will take time for Blizzard to change and, I believe, if it doesn't change, it will fail.