Sunday, May 19, 2013


Flying on bugs is fun, too.
There were two thresholds that I happened since my last post.  I passed the 1 year point since my first post on this blog (May 5, 2012) and I now have my first max level character in Mists of Pandaria.

Ocho made a nice summary of what has happened with the New Bloggers since Syp started the Newbie Blogger Initiative on May 1, 2012 (and included a nice comment about this blog;  thanks!).  I've averaged almost 2 posts a month, which for most blogs wouldn't be much, but I'm only targeting to play and post once a week, so I feel like I kept up pretty well.  I also had a three month gap between September and November when I went from looking for a new game to play to deciding that it was too difficult to start a new MMO and that I would go back to playing World of Warcraft.

I am still finding more to write about, but it isn't nearly as easy as when I was evaluating different games.  Other blogs are a constant source of ideas, but I still have trouble finding time to play and to keep up with the blogs I'd like to read (and there are always more I am discovering).  I've pretty much resigned myself to reading the summaries only of the large sites (Massively, MMO RPG, WoW Insider, and Rock Paper Shotgun), if I can even do that.

In terms of World of Warcraft, I think I was somewhat reluctant to reach 90, because I knew I'd have a lot of decisions to make.  As of now, I am working on Klaxxi Rep as a continuation of the Dread Wastes zone along with Tillers where I now have 8 spots but am looking forward to Revered so I can grow the special items like Golden Lotuses.  I'll have another decision once either of those done (and I'm open to any suggestions) and once 5.3 hits next week with the limited time event.  I may go back and finish Operation Shieldwall for the plot points.

I did play both a Scenario and a Heroic with my guild once I hit 90, which was a lot of fun, although I didn't know what I was doing.  It reminded me of how willing the people in my guild are to help and that they are a great group of people.  I haven't played either a scenario or heroic since, but that gave me the gear so I could do random heroics and I think I'll be comfortable doing either as DPS (though I'll have to think before I join them as a healer on my priest, assuming I ever get her to 90).  I decided to wait to play her until they speed up leveling from 85 to 90, but that should happen on Tuesday and I still have a lot to do. 

There are so many quests, both daily and otherwise, that is a little overwhelming to be 90 so late in the process, but it is better than there being only one path.  I decided to let my daughter play with the Pet Battles.  I already reached 600 on both Herbalism and Alchemy and I'm well on my way there on cooking and fishing (I'm not sure how much it is worth doing the recipes to get from 575 to 600).  First Aid will have to wait until I get more Cataclysm cloth (it all went to my Tailor) and who knows when I'll get back to Archeology.

There was a recent post by Keen where he speaks about how people will only stop playing WoW when they have a Blizzard approved alternative (Titan).  I guess I fit into this group, though I hope I have more time when it hits because the thought of starting a new game is a little overwhelming after my experience last year.  Though who knows how my life will go in the next two years which is probably the minimum before Titan hits.  I make no promises on how much I post, but, at this point, I think I'll have plenty to write about for another year.  Thank you for reading!