Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Completing Lightforge Draenei Preparation

Kantoor posing with Nathanos in Orgrimmar right after the initial scenario

Since my last post I did world quests for two days and I am now exalted with 'Army of the Light' and confirmed the quest is available to create a Lightforged Draenei in World of Warcraft (WoW).  I only had to complete the Emissary quest for the Proudmoore Admiralty to get my reputation to Exalted so I got that out, too.  That gave me 45 exalted reputations (I don't want to think about what time that represents).

Once I completed the reputation grind in Argus, I was a little at a loss for what I should do next.  The obvious thing was to complete the leveling of my other two characters that were at level 111 but I didn't feel very motivated.  Instead I plan to finish the Insurrection line to open up the Nightborne Allied race.  But that means I'll need a Horde character to do the prerequisite quest so Kantoor in born!  As mentioned previously, I had two level 110 boosts so I plan to use one on him.  An additional advantage is that my explorer type will be able to see all new quests rather than the ones I've seen multiple times.

My plan now is to alternate between the Insurrection questline and leveling Kantoor.  I didn't have any Horde characters past the first few levels and didn't have a guild in mind so I asked my current alliance guild if they had suggestions.  They sent me to a different server and I found an advertised casual guild there.  We'll see how that goes.

My first experience as Horde was not very promising.  You are given a scenario where you are supposed to try to repel the Alliance attack on Lorderon (unsuccessfully).  It started off ok with me following Saurfang but at one point I got disconnected.  The way I experience disconnection in WoW is that I can move around fine from my perspective but no one else moves (including my pet).  After a few minutes I figured out what happened and logged off and logged back on.

However, by this point Saurfang was someplace else entirely and I had no idea where that was.   I wandered some (there were only certain open gates and I was hoping that would help guide me) and asked in group chat but I just wandering around for several minutes not able to get where I needed to go.  The Undercity of Lorderon is not the most intuitive place, particularly for someone who never played Horde.  Eventually the others in the group must have finished a task without me because it ported me to another location and I got to see the destruction of Lorderon by Silvanas.

Not a very good start either in terms of my experience in the scenario or what happened in the cinematic (though I had not control of that).  Hopefully I'll have a better experience when I have more control of the situation!

Blapril post #15 (my silver goal for this Blapril, I'll hopefully have at least one more this week including my Civilization post.)

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