Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Insurrection and Nighthold Completed

Elisande insulting the elves gathered against her

With the reputation and experience bonus going on, it would makes sense for me to either be leveling my Alliance alts or new Horde character in World of Warcraft (WoW), but I was more interested in finishing the Nightfallen questline 'The Insurrection' that allowed you to create an allied race character.

As I've mentioned previously, I tend to not like elves, but I do believe this story was told in a way that encouraged you to side with them.  Elves typically are arrogant (and Elisande certainly plays that role) but they have been humilated and are trying to get back what they have lost.  Also between the Suramar questline and the Insurrection questline you build up a relationship with the Nightfallen, particularly Thalyssra, Occuleth and Valtrois.

Elven forces ready to assault Suramar

 The first part of the quest is saving some of the refugees and getting the elven forces together.  After uniting and training the forces a scenario starts of the assault on Suramar City.  The advancement goes well until you reach the center of the city when Elisande insults everyone and freezes them in place.  At that point your focus becomes to find another way into the city which is a series of quests leading to open the Nighthold raid.  

Elisande repremanding Thalyssra for arrogance
The last quest that opens the raid (or did originally) puts you at the entrance to the raid and although it isn't needed to open the Nightborne allied race I wanted to see the end of the story along with that chapter of Illidan's story.  I completed the raid in two sessions solo without much difficulty.  I did die once on High Botanist Tel'arn but didn't have the same issue when I fought him the second time.

Elisande has a change of heart once you defeat her (that seems out of character) and then you're able to confront Gul'dan.  Illidan shows up at the end and you get to see him with Gul'dan's skull as you do in Burning Crusade (no screenshot captured, but I'm sure you can find it).

Anyone for a balloon ride?  I guess not.
 There were two surprises for me at the end.  One was a ballooon appeared that allows you to get a view of Suramar without flying.  I tried but it required three people to want to ride and no one else was interested at the time.

Thallyssra and others at the Nightwell.
Arcanist's Manasaber
 The other showed up when I went back to Shal'aran. Occuleth has a new quest for me that sent me back to the Nightwell with the elves where Thallyssra decides to abandon it.  I should probably read up on why she need to make the decision but the surprise for me afterwards was a mount I wasn't expecting.  It looks nice both flying and on the ground and maybe I'll use it on my Arcane mage but more likely it'll sit with so many others unused.

Quest for the Nightborne faction
 At this point I wanted to make sure I had done everything for the Nightborne faction so I visited Ji Firepaw in Orgrimmar who had the quest waiting for my new Horde hunter.  I'll probably finish it along with the Lightforged Draenei quests so I can get those sides of the story but I was more interested in being able to create them than actually creating characters with the models.

Now I can focus on other things.  I'd like to continue Illidan's story in the Tomb of Sargeras raid but first I think I'll level my new Horde hunter to hear more of that side of the Battle for Azeroth story and take advantage of the reputation boost.  I sent Kantoor to Vol'dun since who doesn't want to have a fox character but the reputation boost is almost over and I'm not sure I'd even use the character if I created it.  He is level 111 now and I am looking forward to seeing more of the other side of the story.

Generally I am pleased with how the Legion story gave me so much content and would encourage other players to see it if they have the time.  I also feel like the Allied races have giving me more solo goals that allow players to see some additional content and rewards them by being able to customize the characters in new ways.  It's been fun but I'm probably close to the end of what I'd like to accomplish.  We'll see how this plays out over the next month.  I'd like keep a twice a week blogging schedule, Tuesday's and Friday's, but I'm already behind for this week.

Also last week was the end of Blapril and I can now officially display my silver award for 15 posts, my goal.  Thanks to Belghast for setting this up and  for all who participated and I'm looking forward to continuing the Civilization Succession Game with other bloggers.

Blapril Silver award

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