Monday, May 17, 2021

Shadowlands Night Fae Questline


Kanter with Night Fae Campaign Armor

I've been progressing in my Night Fae Covenant questline over the last two weeks in World of Warcraft.  So far (Chapter 7 of 9 completed) I've felt the need to grind at all.  I did just have two spots where I needed more Renown to advance the questline but over two days I just had to do a few world quests to be able to advance it.  I like the look of the armor that the questline has offered significantly better than the drops though it doesn't look at all Dwarven.

The Quests in Ardenwaeld have been mixed in with quests in the Maw. The first set of quests in the Maw brought back Baine.  The current set is getting Tyrande Whisperwind back. Jaina was just hinted at and I haven't heard anything from Thrall or Anduin yet.  They also tied in Torghast, World of Warcraft's new randomized dungeon.  So far, I feel a little overpowered which is nice and there have been some interesting Anima powers.  The last time, however, several were based on Disengage which I guess would be primarily used by a Survival hunter.  In any case, the different bonus that are granted do add some interest and it didn't force me to take any that used Disengage.

I've also been gradually opening my Night Fae Sanctum upgrades.  My command table now has 5 companions and I just completed my first rare Adventure there.  I feel so short of Anima (which I guess is part of the plot, but isn't particularly fun) that I've just been doing the ones that reward Anima so I can use it for other things.  Enabling the command table took 500 Anima, the Transportation Network and Anima Conductor took 1000 and the Garden will be 1500 (it will be next).  Upgrade costs start at 5000 Anima go up from there.  There was also a Ardenwaeld Hearthstone available for Anima but, since it is a convenience, it'll probably wait until at least most of the Sanctum upgrades are done.  I just found Armor upgrades, too, but since I'm not doing dungeons or raids, they can wait.  The Anima Conductor just introduced a new currency, Grateful Offerings.  I'm pretty confused by them all except Anima for now.  There have been faction currencies since Vanilla but these seem more general and less optional and therefore are more confusing than many.

I've unlocked Soulbinds as well.  This is another way to adjust your I guess they work for any class but since I'm DPS it seems most of mine seem to be potency and the others seems under used.  Finally, I've done a little with professions.  Herbalism is at 114 out 150 so it'll get to max soon enough.  Cooking and Fishing are in their 20s and I guess I'll focus on them at some point but not yet.  Alchemy is only at 15 and will likely be the last thing I fully upgrade since the most useful potions are always the healing ones and since I'm not doing dungeons or raids, it seems a waste to use the others.

All together, I have been enjoying my time so far but I wonder how much I'll want to do on Kanter besides the Adventures once I complete my Covenant story (I'm on chapter 7 of 9).  I do have another three stories to go so I certainly won't have them all done when 9.1 comes out.

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