Saturday, May 29, 2021

Shadowlands Night Fae Questline Complete

Kanter in a not very Dwarven Night Fae get-up

I meant to write this up on Sunday, 5/23, but it didn't happen.  I finished the Night Fae covenant quest line (9.0) last week and wanted to leave some impressions.

Overall, I enjoyed it.  There were a couple of gaps where I had to wait for more renown but it all flowed pretty easily even though them.  Ysera was a good character to bring back for the storyline.  She had a tragic story in Legions and it was good to see her again.  She is also tied to Elune, along with Tyrande Whisperwind, the other main focus of the questline.  It was a little odd how the Tyrande Whisperwind story seemed to get dropped but I'm sure it is waiting for the next set of quests that will come along with the major patches to come.  This was my experience without running any dungeons and I've read it is significantly faster with renown from dungeons.

The armor, as seen above, doesn't seem very appropriate for a dwarf, but I've become attached to it.  I also like the 8 piece bonus where one or two Fae Guardians will show up, increasing my primary stat and periodically healing me and my pet.  The pieces can be upgraded and since I don't plan on raiding I'll try to make do with it and their upgrades.  There are also three other Night Fae armor sets available through different lines, each with a different color.  I'll see how I advance in the those lines and if I can mix them, that might be interesting as well.

It's seems generally people are not happy with the lack of content and I guess I can see that but that is part of the reason why I started four months late.  Hopefullly I'll be starting the Maldraxas quests on my warrior and it'll be interesting to see how they compare.  However, first I want to finish the Torghast questline that will be subject of my next post.

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