Saturday, March 13, 2021

Long Live the Queen! Civ 6 Succession Game turns 381-390


Yes, it returns!

This is a post in the Civilization 6 succession game started as part of the Blapril event.  You can see the participants and all the previous posts here.

I just looked and my last turn was in September so this was quite a long break.  In the meantime I purchased the Civ VI expansions and played them during my World of Warcraft break.  It's kind of odd coming back and vaguely remembering where we were but having a lot more understanding of what is going on.  In any case, like Rambling Redshirt said, the state of the Empire is strong and with time we'll be settling Mars.  One milestone, landing a human on the moon, was reached during my turn.

State of the Empire at both beginning and end of my turn

Turn 380

We bought a tile in Sheffield for crabs to improve with worker (the citizens are almost out of food).  we also had the chance to build a new district in London, could be Encampment, Commercial, Entertainment or Industrial.  We decided to build an industrial district since other areas look fine.

Turn 381

Roosevelt denounces us.  Now there are three civilizations who don't like us and two who do.  Fortunately, Roosevelt is far away so it didn't really impact us.

Just in case, I looked at Domination to see if any threat but the queens troups are more than twice the military strength of next most powerful civilization and we will have airpower soon, can upgrade knight corp to modern armor or redcoat to mech infantry or AT to modern AT if needed against Gilgamesh, our only nearby threat so felt I could safely leave things as they are.

Turn 382

Made Missionary and Apostle to convert our cities to Buddhism and protect against other civilizations religions


Cleopatra accuses us of being lazy since we don't have much industry.  We are trying to change that.

Time for new production in Birmingham. We have 2 cities with Spaceports but we can use three for last phase, but since we are almost done with moon landing (1 turn), we decided to build industry (Powerplant) rather than take 47 turns for another Spaceport.  We also built a Shipyard in Bristol and purchased a tile with crabs for Bradford, whose citizens were also almost out of food.

Turn 384

England is the first civilization to land on the moon!
England accomplished two long term goals this turn, the moon landing and building Petra, a wonder. We also started researching Cold war and continued with the next phase of the space mission in Bristol.  We decide to build a Military Academy in Ur just in case Gilgamesh has ideas.  We also received an envoy (we have 3 total available) but already Suzerain of every city state!  We left it for a future leader in case we need to take one back.  I noticed 3 cities need housing but we can deal with it when production comes around to them.

Turn 385

England is denounced again by Pedro but there is nothing much he can do so I ignore him.  We convert Stokes-upon-Trent to the crown religion of Buddhism and started moving missionary to Ur to convert them next.

Turn 386

A Destroyer armada appeared (When did that happen?)  and directed it to our coast for defense just in case.

Turn 387

England refuses trade with Pedro since he has no luxuries we need.  We start research on Rapid Deployment and build a workshop next in London, Amphitheater in Norwich and a powerplant in Eridu.

Turn 388

England now has the ability to make Stealth bomber but no aluminum so we send our builders to Leads where there are two for mines.

Turn 389

Our Destroyers reach our coast and are put on alert.

Turn 390

Our trader to Rennes since France they are still our friend and offered the most gold.  We built a factory in London and builder in Adab for more food.

I had more screenshots to share but with the game winding down, I thought it best to keep it simple and get my post up.  Onward to our next leader, Naithin!  I'm looking forward to the colonization of Mars.

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