Friday, July 3, 2020

Long Live the Queen! Civ 6 Succession Game turns 231-240

The World as we know it at the end of my turn

This is a post in the Civilization 6 succession game started as part of the Blapril event.  You can see the participants and all the previous posts here.

You won't be getting as many screenshots this time.  I was hitting F12 but for some reason it only took the first and last screenshot.

Pedro once again asking for something for nothing

The first thing that greeted me at the start of my turn was Pedro asking for gold.  I guess he is just one of those people who thinks it doesn't hurt to ask.  I usually don't like those people.  I also saw a notice that the City of Toronto was defeated.  I didn't see who conquered them. Our kingdom has had very good relationships with all the city-states so I disappointed one is now gone.

The Barbarian encampment to the southeast that Rambling Redshirt mentioned was an irritant throughout my turns.  I chipped away at the Musketman near Sheffield on my first turn and it was defeated after two more turns.  I started heading troups, including a crossbowman that was exploring the coast, to the encampment once the immediate threat was gone.  I also started looking at upgrades and upgraded a Spearman to Pikeman.  I made one more upgrade on my last turn but kept most of the gold we had for future needs.
On turn 232 the Exploration Civic completed. I did not change government but there wasn't anything in Economics policy, decide on Trade Confederation to help both science and culture.  We also started working towards the Mercantilism civic.

Spread Buddhism to Carthage with an Apostle.  It said it would happen in 200 turns but that seemed a long time to wait.  Bristol completed lighthouse, was going to build aqueduct to allow more growth but didn't want to destroy pasture to do it so made monument for quick culture boost.

On turn 234 Catherine De Medici asked for embassy, decided to allow since France isn't close and a war isn't likely. A settler was built in Birmingham but I didn't know where does it should go.  I started building a temple there, and sent the settler started towards Leeds and will let next leader decide where the city will be founded.  There is a favorable spot between Leeds and Sheffield so I sent it there but Naithin may have a better idea.

There were 4 Barbarian Quadriremes surrounding our Caravel. It was strong enough to pick them off one at a time, but eventually it was injured enough I sent it back to friendly territory to heal, a long way away from where it started.  I also took our Admiral to see if there is an island in the unknown area but he or she didn't find anything.  Hopefully some of the players know better how to use it.

On turn 235 a Musketman was created in Bradford and we started building monument for culture.  Leeds bombed barbarian scout.  It seems the Barbarians sent a few scouts our way but fortunately none that I saw got away. Bristol completed monument, we built a holy site.  We also sent 2 envoys to Yerevan since no Suzeain and no envoys yet.

On turn 236 Leeds completed the monument, needs to grow so decided to see if builder will help. Accepted friendship from Cleopatra (though rather arrogant way to ask).  I thought I took a screenshot but it was something about how some people would do anything for her friendship.  Research completed for Industrialization, researched sanitation since many cities limited in growth options (Bristol, Bradford, Leeds).  The water mill was completed at Plymouth, made walls in case war starts.

On turn 239 Mercantilism completed, started Diplomatic service and on turn 240 Birmingham completed a temple and started a Wat.  It wasn't a very eventful set of turns.  We still have a good lead in the Conquest and Science scores.  No one seems likely to get a Religious or Cultural victory but we might need to be cautious of Cleopatra, our ally, since she is showing very slightly ahead of us on the total score.

Now back to Naithin!

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