Tuesday, September 27, 2016

July/August Gaming - Mostly World of Warcraft

Kanter at the death of a King
It has been two months since my last post and almost 4 weeks since World of Warcraft Legion was released.  I guess it is not too surprising since I said I wouldn't put myself on any schedule to post, but for better or worse, I've meant to post for more than a month.  As a bonus, you get three screenshots in this post instead of the typical one.

As I say in the subject, it has been mostly World of Warcraft.  I went through the introductory quests with Kanter, my hunter and even did some of the invasions for some extra gear.  After a while (and some prompting from other bloggers) I realized it would be a great way to get my two level 94 characters up to level 100.  As has typically been the case, I slacked on this as well, but I did get Kantro, my warrior, to level 97+ so it should be quick to get him to 98 and into Legion.  The good news is that he is my other gathering (mining), so it should be pretty quick to have both gatherers in World of Warcraft.

Nothing like a giant head to get your attention

Since Legion was released, I have only been playing Kanter except for a few minutes of mail or auction house activity on the other toons.  I liked the questing through all four of the original zones.  I went through all the required quests to get the achievement in each zone before I went onto the next and was about half way through my fourth zone (and about two weeks after  when I hit level 110 so I just continued before I went on to Suramar.

I probably would have hit level 110 soon except I didn't realize I had Class Hall quests to do.  I picked the Beast Master weapon (Titanstrike) as my artifact weapon before the expansion came out (I always thought guns were more appropriate for Dwarves).  I also decided that I wouldn't bother with the other two artifact weapons even though you can get them at level 102.

Sure enough, I hit level 102 and a slightly orangish yellow explanation point appears at my Class Hall and when I look I see that I can ignore it because it is just the quest to get one of the other two artifact weapons.  I keep questing but I noticed I only had two followers all the way to level 110 and only seemed to have one quest at a time.  Just this week I looked to see what might be wrong and I see that there should have been some more quests at level 103.  After quite a bit of searching, I finally go to Emmarel Shadewarden, the npc with the orangish explanation point and she has another non-orangish quest available!  Now I'm working through my class hall quests I could have done starting at level 103 and I have four missions available instead of the one I had before.  

I guess nothing significant was lost, but I hope others don't have same issue. I had one more minor issue with the game.  This first zone I completed was Highmountain since it was the zone of my class hall and I went and did all my quests there including one with Nesingwary and his gnome companion whom I take out to learn to hunt.  It was a fun set a quests and I didn't think any more of it but I just happened to be there for one of the world quests at level 110 and they each had a new quests which made them Followers!  I guess it was expected you would complete these quests at a higher level and get the follower quests immediately, but I had no clue and was glad I just happened to stop by.

Turning into a fish pays off for this Herbalism World Quest!
However, I as said, the quests have been fun and I had plenty to do without the Class Hall quests.  Right now my priority is the Class Hall missions and Quests, then finishing four World quests in a zone where you get the bonus if it seems easy (a new one appears every day and they last three days).  After than, if I have time, I'll continue with the Suramar quests.  Between those things, I should get my reputation up pretty steadily.  I'm not sure how much World Quests will hold my attention.  I just always had a motivation issue with Daily quests and this may be an issue with World Quests as well (since they are just a variation with more variety).

I also have been doing the Herbalism, Alchemy, Cooking and First Aide quests. However, I haven't done any of the Dungeon quests.  I'm at iLvl 799 now and the Heroic ones require iLvl 808.  I could do them as LFD, but I think I'll wait until I hit iLvl 810 and then try to do them with my guild.  Or maybe not.  I haven't done dungeons a lot since Burning Crusade and I still feel out of sorts when I go on them as a casual player.


  1. The Ilvl req for hc in the lfg tool is 810. Just so you dont get dissapointed at 808. Unless of cause it was changed last week

    1. Thanks, you are correct (and I just hit 810 yesterday). I have corrected it in my post.