Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year, Old Game

Happy New Year!

Blizzards 10 day trial worked on me and I'm playing World of Warcraft again now. I waited until after the holidays when I was less busy but that meant that all the sales on Mists of Pandaria are gone now.  However, that's ok, because I found it extremely frustrating that I couldn't disenchant those Mists of Pandaria items and so this is the perfect opportunity to level my (Dis)Enchanter (who just happens to be a Mage) who was left at 65 since that's where she needed to be to disenchant Cataclysm gear.

Since this is pretty much all about reaching the magic level and I don't play a lot, I invested gold in some Heirloom items.  Hopefully with their help, and despite my minimal play time, I'll get to 75 in a few weeks and by then I'll find a sale so I can go back to leveling in Mists.

One thing I've discovered that probably shouldn't be so surprising is that it is difficult to start a new MMO when your play time is limited.  However, playing a game where you've already invested the time is much easier.

So, back to Outlands and Wrath briefly so I can see some new things and not be frustrated that I can't get sparkleys from them.  It's odd the things that frustrate people, but I've learned to just accept them.

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