Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mithril vs Steam

Yes, two posts in one day.  Don't expect to see it again.

I was looking for a comparison of the Steam Starter Pack and Mithril editions for the Lord of the Ring online  and I couldn't find one so I put one together here.  Please let me know if it needs to be corrected.  I based the values on what was on the Turbine Store when I looked yesterday (6/13/2012).

  • Trollshaws (30-50), Eregion(45-55), Mines of Moria(51-60), Lothlorien (55-60)
  • 595+695+1495+595=3380
  • 2950 for Path of the fellowship
  • 2000 points
  • Steed of the Horse-lords Mount (62% speed) 1195 points

Cost $19.99 (what was the sale price is now just the price on Gamestop)

Total 6145 points or 205 points / $ (or 307 points / $ on sale)
(Follow up note that the game is on sale at game spot for $9.99, increasing the potential value to 614 points / dollar on 7/21/2012)

  • Northdown (18-40), Evedim(32-40), Misty Mountains (39-50)
  • 595+595+695=1885
  • 1000 points
  • Noble Grey steed (68% speed) 1995 points
  •  25% XP Boost token (?)
Cost $29.99 (was recently on sale for $14.99)
Total 4180 points or 139 points / $ (or 279 points / $ on sale)

It seems to come down to how much that XP Boost token is worth to you (as far as I can tell, it isn't available in the store) and for me it's very little.  I'm there more to do the quests than to get to max level so I don't see that it'll help me as long as the quests are interesting (I guess that could make a big difference).  Right now, with the Mithril edition's on sale lower price and the Steam Starter pack not on sale, it would be very difficult to justify getting it from Steam though I do love it using Steam and downloaded the free version for my daughter from there.  The Mithril edition also has the advantage of quests for levels 50-60 not included in the Starter Pack.  I guess they are set up so for someone who really likes questing, they could probably justify getting both and having an extra horse since there aren't any overlapping quest packs.

Did I miss something?


  1. I purchased both, as the Added TP/$ ratio is a good deal no matter how you look at it. At 1 cent per point, even if you own everything other quest pack, its still worth it. The horse is just gravy. :) Well, this is only for Mithril and sale prices, anyway. At $30, I don't really think the Steam set is worth it.

    The 25% XP Boost token is something that was available with the preorder of Rise of Isenguard, and is now available with the preorder of Riders of Rohan. I don't know how that would translate as far as points go (maybe 500? It's nice, but not so nice as to be a must-have item).

    Sadly, you can't use this as a way to get cheaper TP, either, as you can only purchase each set only once.

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  3. Thanks for confirming that the Mithril edition is a pretty good deal if you can use the points and even better deal for the quests. However it isn't a good deal if you won't be playing the game, so that's what I need to either guess or wait on!

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