Sunday, January 1, 2017

November and December Gaming - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Factions down and one achievement left for Legion Pathfinder

I haven't been playing a lot over these last two months but I didn't manage to complete the reputation grind (Broken Isles Diplomat) for the Legion Pathfinder achievement that will be required when flying is available.  I also on the same day manage to finish a set of Suramar World Quests that gave me Exalted repution with the Nightfallen, as prerequite for getting the last set of quests for the Suramar quests, the last achievement I need.

So I have done all the solo work but I need to finish the Emerald Nightmare raid to finish the second to last quest line.  I could either try to join my guild raid or run it LFR but neither appeals to me.  Like Ysharros, I'm a little resentful that it requires group content to get flying.  I would also like to get the next Alchemy recipe, but that requires running a dungeon, more group content I'm not particularly interested in doing, so I've stopped doing much of anything.  Logically, if I want to do solo work, I should switch to my priest, Kantra, but it's not really logical and I feel like I should really finish the flying achievement on Kanter first.

The end result is that I'm looking for another MMO to solo in (even though I know in some ways that's not logical).  The Black Desert Online character creator is still amazing and it's on sale for $5 so I've gotten a guest pass from Aywren (who has been inspiring me with her BDO posts), waited the 24 hours (almost) for the game to download, and have already been enjoying the tutorial quests and am already at level 12 in my first day.  My goal is to just do crafting, horse breeding, and house decoration.

I'll write another post later specific about Black Desert Online, but I though I'd mention I decided to go with the $5 package after pondering the $25 package.  I'm not adverse to spending some money in the cash shop but I'd rather choose where to spend the money than having to take what they include in the package.  I'll figure I'll eventually buy some inventory space and strength so I can carry more and might get a pet to help with gathering, but I'll do it later.

The good news is that after not posting for almost two months, I have one post on Black Desert Online and another on 2016 gaming already written in my head.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to more gaming in 2017!


  1. BDO is fantastic. The housing is ideal, combat perfect, anti gold seller strategy ideal (just doesn't work due to in game mechanics), graphics gorgeous, gardening/harvesting fantastic - I start playing and suddenly 4hrs have passed by :/ Just couldn't handle how this appeals to an adhd personality. No real end goal - just quests popping up every 24hrs and expensive items to farm. Awesome game. Even doing guild con tent was fun. Enjoy. Had to go cold turkey myslef.

    1. I have been enjoying BDO so far, thanks for the encouragement. MMOs almost always take a bit of time to get fully engaged and I'll have to see if I have that time to spend.