Friday, April 11, 2014

The Liebster Award and the 2012 Newbie Blogger Initiative

Back in May, 2012 Syp started the Newbie Blogger Initiative and in May 2012 Wilhelm posted a summary of who was still around.  At that point there were 30 blogs out of 110.  I just checked those links and almost a year later, it looks like 18 of us are still around (have posted in the last 2 months).  So first, congratulations to all of you!
  1. Adventures of Danania, Supergirl of Lorien
  2. Ald Shot First
  3. Beyond Tannhauser Gate
  4. Casual Aggro *
  5. Conveniently Placed Exhaust Port
  6. Elfkina vežička (Slovakian)
  7. Mighty Viking Hamster
  8. MMO Juggler
  9. Ravalation *
  10. stnylan’s musings
  11. That Was An Accident! *
  12. Vagabond Goes for a Walk
  13. Warlockery
  14. Warp to Zero
  15. White Charr
  16. Why I Game
  17. Wynniekin’s Adventures
In honor of your survival, I have added most of you to my feed and blog roll.  

Also,Yanet and Neri were kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award.  I was unfamiliar with it until it started circling around my blogging community about a month ago.  There seems to be some variations, but generally how it works is that you answer the 11 questions that were asked of you, you nominate 11 blogs that you believe should have more visibility and you ask them 11 questions.  I'm going to answer my questions in a subsequent post.

In recognition of posting for almost 2 years, I nominate these 17 blogs for the Liebster award (yes, I'm bending the rules).  Below are your 11 questions:

1.  What blog made you want to start blogging?
2.  How did the Newbie Blogger Initiative help?
3.  Did you find times where you stopped posting and what encouraged you to continue?
4.  Do you use other tools like Twitter or Facebook or Google+ to encourage the feeling that you are in a community?  If so, what is most effective for you?
5.  What blogger encourages you to post the most?
6.  What kind of game would you like to see made?
7.  What, if anything, do you do to help balance the time you spend online and/or playing games with outside demands?
8.  Why do you play computer games?
9.  Did you ever consider working in the computer game industry?  If so, it what role do you think you would enjoy the most?
10.  What is your Bartle Gamer Type?
11.  If you could take a trip anywhere, real or fantasy, where would you like to go?

I'll be interested see if my nominees see my post.  Please leave a comment or let me know some other way if you do.


  1. Woot! Hey! Thanks for the love. Us 2012 NBI Alums gotta stick together. :P (What's with the *, though? :P )

    1. Hi, Ocho! Should have known someone would pick up on that. It was a note to myself that I had already subscribed to the blog so I didn't need to add it to my feed or blog role. 110 or even 30 extra blogs are a bit much to follow. I can handle 17-3 = 14 extra blogs (though I do have trouble keeping up today).

  2. you miss the initial nbi by a month and everyone forgets about you.. hmmmph. Although if being listed means I have to fill out all those questions then hmm... carry on there, nothing to see here

    1. Hi, J3w3l. You'll notice I haven't answered my questions yet (though it is in progress). Participation is voluntary anyway, just a way to share some sites you enjoy with others.