Saturday, June 29, 2013

Casually acquiring Pandaria gear

Bugs are good even when they don't fly!

Flexible raiding coming in 5.4 in World of Warcraft, as mentioned in my last post, has given me more incentive to acquire some gear.  I finally reached the iLvl required for Looking for Raiding and went on my first raid.  I, with many others, contributed to a couple of wipes because we didn't know what we were doing, but most people were understanding and we were successful both times after the first wipe.  I didn't acquire any gear, which was a little frustrating since pretty much anything would have been an upgrade, but it is nice that Valor now gives you upgrades eventually.

I'll probably try to do LFR once a week before Flexible raiding starts.  It seemed relatively painless and it is nice that it is split in two halves so it can been done in an hour at a sitting.  If I get to the next iLvl threshold, I'll probably just do whichever raid I enjoy more.  I don't like doing random heroics and although I might try random scenarios again, LFR is much more anonymous and therefore less stressful.  I see this a big improvement compared to Cataclysm where you pretty much had to do Heroics if you wanted better gear.

As long as I'm getting both reputation and valor, I find most of the dailies fun and rewarding enough.  As I mentioned before, I think the Thunder Isle dailies take too long and are also inconvenient where they are located.  I did the treasure hunt once after watching a video, which was fun, but I don't have any inclination to do it again or strive to be great at it.  I am almost at honored with the Kirin Tor Offensive, so I'll probably do some of the quests one more time to get to honored, but I keep putting it off.

I always used fishing to feed my hunter pets (while I needed food for them), so it seemed easy enough to do the daily quests to get to exalted with the Anglers and get my bug mount that is in the picture above.  However, now that I'm exalted, I'm really not interested in doing them those dailies any more, I'd rather do the other lines where I still get reputation.  Similarly, I'm still doing the Tiller quest that help me achieve Best Friend status, but I've started ignoring the rest of them.  I also used dailies and farming to get August Celestial and Golden Lotus reputation to Revered and the double reputation tokens.  I've finished the Klaxxi quests to get all of the elders, the buffs are fun enough and have enough variety that getting the rest of the way to exalted and the scorpion mount should be pretty easy.

Now that I've reached many of my goals with Kanter, I'm hoping I can focus more on my priest, Kantra.  I'm almost at level 66 and once I get there, I'll be able to do the quests in the two zones I missed with Kanter (Valley of the Four Winds and Townlong Steppes).  I also figure I'll let Kantra do the Shado Pan dailies which will again provide some variety.

There is a lot to do as a casual player, but I don't see it keep my interest for too much longer.  However, the prospect of Flexible raiding has made me think maybe there will be more I will enjoy, and more I can do with people I enjoy playing with by the time I'm bored with what I'm doing now.

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