Saturday, March 9, 2013

Critical mass when playing one night a week

Working on my farm
There is a lot of excitement when starting a new game or a new expansion for an existing game.  However, when you are only playing one day a week, it doesn't keep you going, it is more a reminder of how far behind you'll be soon.

I've discovered that there is a 'critical mass' I've reached playing World of Warcraft that makes it more enjoyable to stay with the game than to start a new game.  I know people who are playing.  I'm not an expert, but I'm comfortable with the way the game works, the way the crafting works and I don't feel like I am missing too much.

I tried to play Lord of the Rings Online and you'd think it would be a better fit for a person playing one night a week.  There is no monthly charge, the cost for adding the areas for questing is minimal given that it would take me quite a while to complete them at my current rate.  However, I played a couple of characters to around level 10 and I've stopped.

If my daughter or wife were able to play at the same time I could, that would probably make a big difference, but I just didn't have the motivation to keep going.

Most MMOs are difficult to play one night a week.  Even with World of Warcraft, although it's easy enough to finish the quests, it is difficult to remember what I was doing one week to the next.  However, it's much easier if you know there are people there you can chat with or to whom you can ask questions.  It's easier knowing that there are only 5 levels (3 now) until I can advance my status with the Tillers and play around with the different cooking and farming options.

So, here I am some days not playing at all, some days only planting.  However, about once a week I do get a session where I have time to play and enjoy the game and, hopefully, see some of the people I've played with these last 8+ years.  That's longer than I've been with two of my three daughters.  Although I don't get to see them often now, that does count for something.


  1. Good luck with the crafting and all other things you're into. I still think it's an brave endeavour. :)

  2. Thank you, though I certainly don't consider myself brave! I am doing my best to figure out how to continue enjoying a game designed for people with much more time than I have available.

  3. That why I stopped playing WoW to begin with all those years ago, not enough time that progressing further and further demanded. However, since that time they have added a significant more stuff to do where you don't have to progress to feel some accomplishment. I solved it by just playing other games, though. :P

    1. When I started this blog, I really thought I'd be playing some game other that WoW. I just didn't think the $15 / month would be worth it for someone playing as infrequently as I am. What I discovered and expressed here is that, for me, it was too difficult to start over in another game and, with the income I have, I can deal with the cost so I don't have to play catch up quite so badly.